For 2023 we can proudly guarantee that our products are CO₂ neutral.

We will achieve 70% of this neutrality by saving CO₂ emissions through our own measures. 30% we compensate through intelligent reforestation of existing forests with new, climate-resilient tree species and the maintenance of the current existence. Our climate compensation preserves a forest area of 107 ha or the equivalent of 64,316 trees.

These trees are already fully grown and thus bind a maximum of CO₂. In addition, these original areas provide protection for many endangered animal and plant species, thus making a valuable contribution to biodiversity.

We regularly undergo a comprehensive sustainability audit in the areas of ecology, economy and social competence in accordance with the Code of Practice B/17-400780. With the Analysis and Audit Report No. 57212812, we received the 2022 Seal of Approval for Assured Sustainability from the German Institute for Sustainability and Economics in Münster.