Lovely items for a <b>better world</b>

Lovely items for a better world

  • koziol is <b>life</b>

    koziol is life

    koziol objects have a soul (anima). And this distinguishes them fundamentally from other items with comparable functions. Only koziol's spiritualized objects care. As animals like the ring-holding cat. As plants like Audrey the tea strainer. And as protozoa (Aroma cup) that insulate fingers from scalding heat with a protective shield.

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  • koziol is <b>warmth</b>

    koziol is warmth

    koziol objects have a "feels-like" temperature of 98.6F (37C). The koziol world is the absolute antithesis of the cold, technoid, metal matrix world that everyone fears. koziol is friendly and non-aggressive.

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  • koziol is <b>design</b>

    koziol is design

    Every koziol object looks exactly as it would if it had been asked to design itself. There is nothing superfluous about it, nothing superficial. It is the pure expression of an idea and therefore true design.

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<b>OUR CATALOGUES 2017</b>


Our products are not only varied, but they also fit in every situation and in every season.
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