Lovely items for a <b>better world</b>

Lovely items for a better world

  • koziol is <b>design</b>

    koziol is design

    Every koziol object looks exactly as it would if it had been asked to design itself. There is nothing superfluous about it, nothing superficial. It is the pure expression of an idea and therefore true design.

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  • koziol is <b>humor</b>

    koziol is humor

    I smile, therefore I am. For Greek philosophers, laughter laid the foundations of humanity. Every piece by koziol projects this positive, bonding force onto its owners. Turning them into better, more joyful individuals.

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  • koziol is <b>art</b>

    koziol is art

    Picasso created a bull's head from bicycle parts. All forms of tribal art create fetishes from dead objects. Art exists when the spirit infuses the material. And that principle is key to the koziol world.

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<b>OUR KATALOG 2017</b>


It's finally here, our new collection catalog 2017. From the wellness experience to the outdoor activity. From our bestsellers and award-winning articles to our novelties. From now on you will find everything in this catalog.

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