Camper's Delight

Camper's Delight

koziol has the ideal tableware for a relaxed camping holiday. Everything is super light and yet robust, plus stackable and easy to clean. All those who want to enjoy wine or beer in style in the evening take the superglasses with them. The glasses are made of unbreakable high-tech plastic. The material insulates four times better than conventional glass, keeping drinks colder for longer. In addition, they are easy to transport and virtually unbreakable, leaving glass shards a thing of the past. The CONNECT food storage containers are perfect for meal prepping and storage, and the bags quickly make themselves indispensable when shopping at the market or while staying at the beach.  


For the Italian moments in life. The deep CONNECT plate is the ideal size for all pasta dishes and sets the stage for spaghetti, farfalle and macaroni.

It is extremely versatile and gives both refined salad creations and fine desserts the finishing touch.

The plate can be perfectly combined with all other CONNECT tableware.

Two more plates and bowls in different sizes are available.

7100 CONNECT PLATE 205 mm small plate
205 x 205 x 20 mm

7101 CONNECT PLATE 255 mm flat plate
255 x 255 x 10 mm

7143 CONNECT PLATE 240 mm  deep plate (fig.)
205 x 205 x 20 mm

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The universal bowl for soup, salad, and dessert. CONNECT BOWL is exactly the right size for all current food trends and will become indispensable in every kitchen.

It transforms into a cereal bowl at breakfast and is perfect for ice cream after dinner! T

he lid closes the bowl absolutely airtight. So everything stays fresher longer. And – with the lidded bowls being stackable – it takes up less space.

Available in two sizes.

400 ml | 123 x 123 x 50 mm

900 ml | 163 x 163 x 65 mm

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The pretty leaf motif has spread on our tableware and looks just great. All tableware pieces of CONNECT MONSTERA are wonderfully stackable and can be combined as desired: small plate with bowl, bowl with cup, cup with large plate and vice versa.

This small collection opens up a wealth of variations for the modern table. You simply don’t need more to serve, enjoy and store. CONNECT MONSTERA stands for intelligent design, top quality and the economical handling of form and material.

Design: koziol werksdesign

205 x 205 x 20 mm

255 x 255 x 10 mm

900 ml | 163 x 163 x 65 mm

190 ml | 73 x 73 x 75 mm

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Knife, fork, spoon. Finally, a no-nonsense to go cutlery set that’s just the right size. You’ll never have to balance food to your mouth again!

The three pieces are easy to take apart and snap back together without any guesswork – simply lift the knife at the blade and push down.

All pieces fit comfortably in the hand and are extremely lightweight, fitting into any kind of bag.

4003 KLIKK Cutlery Set
Design: koziol werksdesign
320 x 235 x 240 mm

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This elegant goblet simply belongs in every summer setting as a constant companion at all outdoor festivities. Why? Well, looks aren’t everything and this cup runneth over with practical features, too!

It’s lightweight, impact-resistant – and easy to transport because it’s made to be stackable. Combining a fascinating beveled look with a fun feel and lots of cheerful colors, CLUB S adds a touch of class to any picnic and a cool, lighthearted note to warm summer evenings enjoyed outdoors.

Available in two sizes.

3576 CLUB S 2.0 Tumbler
Design: koziol werksdesign
250 ml | 81 x 81 x 95 mm

3578 CLUB L Tumbler
Design: koziol werksdesign
400 ml | 88 x 88 x 141 mm

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CLUB No. 4 + 9

With its luxurious drinking experience and lightweight feel, SUPERGLAS is the perfect companion for garden parties, picnics in the sun, and those romantic summer evenings…

The sparkling facetted design will not only allow your favorite wine to shine – it is also perfect for cocktails or aperitifs.

The timelessly beautiful shape is shown in its modern facetted cut and the material is also wonderfully stable, making the wine glass virtually unbreakable. The glass is available in two sizes.

Thanks to ist large volume CLUB No. 4 is also the perfect glass for cocktails or aperitifs.

CLUB Wine Glass
Design: koziol werksdesign

4401 CLUB No. 4
350 ml | 85 x 85 x 205 mm

4416 CLUB No. 9
250 ml | 76 x 76 x 172 mm

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CLUB No. 10 + 11

You can drink your beer of choice in style with this exclusive glass in a masculine facetted design. The tall, narrow glass with its wide mouth will allow you to experience the full range of aromas and flavors present in your brew.

The special high-tech material has an insulating effect, keeping your ale cool and refreshing for a longer time. The thick-bottomed base guarantees a secure footing, so no valuable suds are lost!

The koziol Superglas is almost indestructible in normal use, handily scratch-resistant, and can be perfectly cleaned in the dishwasher.

Available in two sizes.

CLUB Beer Glass
Design: koziol werksdesign

4417 CLUB No. 10
300 ml | 74 x 74 x 177 mm

4418 CLUB No. 11
500 ml | 85 x 85 x 216 mm

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These boxes are just perfect for preparing, keeping fresh and serving. They are also ideal for lunch, picnics and parties to go.

The basic square shape not only looks great, it is also easy to hold – even with wet hands. The robust quality offers the bowl extra stability and its circular top can be closed very easily and tightly. Everything stays fresh and crisp for a long time and can be easily transported.

Its exceptional design and sturdy quality also make CONNECT BOX the perfect serving dish. All bowls are stackable, resulting in a minimum use of space in the cabinet.

Available in 5 sizes.

CONNNECT BOX Fresh box with lid
Design: koziol werksdesign

0,7 l  | 162 x 158 x 65 mm

1 l     | 162 x 158 x 93 mm

1,3 l  | 213 x 207 x 71 mm

2 l     | 213 x 207 x 105 mm

4 l     | 252 x 247 x 130 mm

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Egg box EGGS TO GO is simply perfect for on the go. The box transports up to 10 eggs safely in the cool box.

The carton has a practical clip closure for easy opening and closing and the shock-resistant material reliably prevents eggs from being damaged or crushed. 

The cartons can easily be stacked, leaving valuable space for more groceries!

Also available for 6 eggs.

Design: koziol werksdesign
277 x 118 x 73 mm

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Let's go to the beach. Shopping bag TASCHE XL or the smaller TASCHELINO are just right for a day at the  beach. The bags are spacious and waterproof, so the contents stay dry and sand-free. They are very easy to clean after the trip.

For the italian architect and design star Alessandro Mendini large hold-alls made of synthetic materials have happy memories. In his childhood, these bags meant an outing to the beach and afternoon sunshine.

He was enthusiastic about doing a bag, particularly as it gave him an opportunity to work with the designer Maria Christina Hamel. Together they developped a new type of bag. And it rests just as comfortably on broad male shoulders as ist does in the hands of the gentler sex! Both designers placed a premium on producing a bag that is equally at home being shouldered and handled.

7414 TASCHE XL Shopper (fig.)
Design: A. Mendini/ M.C. Hamel, Milano
215 x 440 x 540 mm

Design: A. Mendini/ M.C. Hamel, Milano
130 x 327 x 386 mm

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Light to go. This light accompanies you wherever illumination is needed. The integrated powerbank delivers up to 14 hours of light and can handily be charged with a USB cable. Ideal for places where you want to unplug like in the backyard, on the balcony, or while glamping.

Even your mobile phone can be charged, in an emergency! The light is dimmable in four levels – as atmospheric lighting for romantic summer evenings, as a reading light or a nightlight for children.

3799 LIGHT TO GO Light
Design: koziol werksdesign
180 x 180 x 280 mm

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