Nature inside. Since 2021, koziol has gone one step further and processed an innovative new material made purely of bio-circular thermoplastics and wood fibers. The circular thermoplastics are obtained exclusively from disposed sunflower and rapeseed oil from industry and gastronomy. These oils are collected and converted in a special recycling process. This is the first time that these natural raw materials have been put to sensible further use, as previously they could only be thermally recycled. Moreover, no additional “new” resources are required. The added wood fibers are obtained from trees left over from forestry maintenance and paper production waste. All wood comes from Europe and is FSC-certified. The new materials combine the positive characteristics of wood, such as insulating properties and naturalness, with the advantages of thermoplastics-, such as elasticity, lightness and individual colorability. They are free of melamine, BPA and bamboo, naturally food-safe and fully recyclable.


Just the right size for the trendiest bowl recipes! Whether Smoothie, Poké or Buddha Bowl: This bowl will help let your imagination run wild. And for the traditionalists: Salads, fruit, soups or dessert can also be presented beautifully. The material will stay beautiful for a long time and the bowl is of course dishwasher-safe.

Design: koziol werksdesign
700 ml | 162 x 162 x 64 mm

images 300 dpi


The universal plate for backyard parties, picnics or glamping – or for any outdoor occasion for that matter! The outside has a lively facetted design, and its solid quality and wide stance are ideal for those who want to dine in style – even when outdoors.

5006 CLUB PLATE 220mm
Design: koziol werksdesign
220 x 220 x 35 mm

images 300 dpi


This facetted plate is like a fresh summer breeze for your next outdoor lunch or patio dinner, guaranteeing shard-free fun at even the most raging parties! Its solid material and modern colors add the finishing touch to a beautifully set table, and thanks to its top quality, won’t blow away in the wind.

5005 CLUB PLATE 260mm
Design: koziol werksdesign                                 
260 x 260 x 170 x 18 mm

images 300 dpi


The stackable pitcher. This voluminous pitcher can hold up to 1.5 liters, looks beautiful and the best part: it’s really stackable! Finally, no more question of where to store your pitchers – because we all know, it’s nice to have more than one.

The robust material is virtually unbreakable and keeps cold drinks cool longer. The lid has two different spouts, keeping ice cubes and lemon slices where they belong – inside. Rotate the lid 90 degrees and the pitcher is tightly sealed, protecting from insects or dust.

Design: koziol werksdesign
1,5 l | 193 x 122 x 252 mm

images 300 dpi


BABELL L is the classic high-rise for tempting tidbits of all varieties. She’ll beautifully showcase fruit, muffins, cookies, fingerfood and more on three attractive stages.

But BABELL L doesn’t need a special occasion to shine. She’s at home doing everyday duty as well. If she has to vacate her usual standout location, she’s happy to do her space-saving best and dissemble in the cupboard. The three levels nest neatly and compactly in inverted order.

7180 BABELL L Etagère
Design: thesevenhints, Wien
314 x 314 x 340 mm

images 300 dpi


Loving freedom and flexibility doesn’t mean being confined to fingerfood: the three-part RIO cutlery set ensures good manners on the road as well, and takes up a minimum of space.

Made of lightweight yet robust material, RIO won’t become a burden, either. At the latest after that second serving of chili con carne – or the third German sausage – you’ll begin to wonder how you ever left home without it.

And once back at the ranch, this handy set heads straight into the dishwasher.

7036 RIO Cutlery Set
Design: koziol werksdesign
3 pieces | 190 x 40 x 10 mm

images 300 dpi


Coffee lovers everywhere, rejoice! AROMA TO GO 2.0 sits comfortably in the hand and makes a stylish statement, promoting smiles all around. The insulated cup keeps hot drinks inside at the perfect temperature while protecting fingers outside from scalding.

Thanks to its flexible fins, the lid fits snugly on the cup, making it the ultimate convenience for out and about too. The ideal way to make servers at your friendly neighborhood café more than happy to fill-er-up.

7589 AROMA TO GO 2.0 Thermo Mug
Design: koziol werksdesign
400 ml | 97 x 92 x 120 mm

images 300 dpi


Wake up and smell the coffee with AROMA TO GO XL. Finally, a coffee cup big enough!

The tall cup is lightweight, unbreakable and thanks to its slim shape, fits comfortably in the hand. You won’t even mind being stuck in traffic, as the cup fits into most car cupholders.

And the lid can be secured tightly, to avoid any embarrassing pre-meeting spills.

7243 AROMA TO GO XL Thermo Mug
Design: koziol werksdesign 
700 ml |  97 x 92 x 177 mm

images 300 dpi


Knife, fork, spoon. Finally, a no-nonsense to go cutlery set that’s just the right size. You’ll never have to balance food to your mouth again! The three pieces are easy to take apart and snap back together without any guesswork – simply lift the knife at the blade and push down.

All pieces fit comfortably in the hand and are extremely lightweight, fitting into any kind of bag.

London-based designer Cairn Young has been fascinated with the Japanese art of wood joinery for years, developing a true obsession to nest, connect, assemble, and piece things together in an aesthetic and intelligent way himself. It is a game of geometry, symmetry and humor – always ending in a unique product.


8003 KLIKK Cutlery Set
Design: Cairn Young, London                             
222 x 48 x 36 mm

images 300 dpi


Universal design at its best. The bowl set MIXXX will never let you down. Its ergonomic design guarantees smooth handling and the non-slip feet keep it stable during stirring. A real energy-saver.

The large handle is another standout feature, making the bowls easy to hold – and even heavy dough easy to manage.

The bowls stack inside each other to save space, and are even kept from twisting by their handles.

7859 MIXXX Mixing Bowl Set
Design: koziol werksdesign
1 + 2 + 3,5 l |  236 x 312 x 168 mm

images 300 dpi


Round or square? CONNECT BOX is both. The basic square shape not only looks great, it is also easy to hold – even with wet hands.

The robust quality offers the bowl extra stability and its circular top can be closed very easily and tightly. Everything stays fresh and crisp for a long time and can be easily transported.

Its exceptional design and sturdy quality also make CONNECT BOX the perfect serving dish. All bowls are stackable, resulting in a minimum use of space in the cabinet.

CONNNECT BOX Box with lid
Design: koziol werksdesign

1 l | 162 x 157 x 93 mm

2 l | 210 x 205 x 105 mm

4 l | 252 x 247 x 130 mm

images 300 dpi