CLUB Tableware

The universal tableware for backyard parties, picnics or glamping – or for any outdoor occasion for that matter!

The outside has a lively facetted design, and its solid quality and wide stance are ideal for those who want to dine in style – even when outdoors.

CLUB Tableware
Design: koziol werksdesign

Design: koziol werksdesign
162 x 162 x 35 mm

5005 CLUB PLATE 260mm plate
Design: koziol werksdesign
260 x 260 x 18 mm

5006 CLUB PLATE 220mm plate
Design: koziol werksdesign
220 x 220 x 35 mm

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Knife, fork, spoon. Finally, a no-nonsense to go cutlery set that’s just the right size. You’ll never have to balance food to your mouth again!

The three pieces are easy to take apart and snap back together without any guesswork – simply lift the knife at the blade and push down. All pieces fit comfortably in the hand and are extremely lightweight, fitting into any kind of bag.

London-based designer Cairn Young has been fascinated with the Japanese art of wood joinery for years, developing a true obsession to nest, connect, assemble, and piece things together in an aesthetic and intelligent way himself. It is a game of geometry, symmetry and humor – always ending in a unique product.


8003 KLIKK Cutlery Set
Design: Cairn Young, London                             
222 x 48 x 36 mm

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For on the go. Store your portable cutlery set with KLIKK ETUI. The slim box takes up little space and transports your fork, knife, and spoon safely and cleanly from A to B.

The box has a practical clip closure and can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher. 

7034 KLIKK ETUI Cutlery Case
Design: koziol werksdesign
238 x 57 x 45 mm

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Looking for a healthy snack? Then PASCAL READY MINI is just the thing. Fruit, veggie sticks, and sandwiches can be appetizingly stored and transported in this handy lunch box set.

The system is well thought out, because the two small boxes can be nested in the large one. So, everything is neatly separated from each other, and food remains appetizing until it’s time to eat. Also ideal for school and kindergarten.

The set consists of 1x PASCAL S + 2x PASCAL MINI boxes.

7151 PASCAL READY MINI Lunchbox-Set

Design: koziol werksdesign                                 
151 x 108 x 60 mm

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Lunch box set CANDY READY has everything you need for a healthy lunch on the go. Salads and dressing, veggies and dip, sandwiches and fruit can be kept neatly separated in the large box CANDY L and the leakproof container CANDY S ensures that food remains appetizing until consumed. Cutlery set KLIKK POCKET also fits into the large box, perfectly completing the lunch box set.


7272 CANDY READY Lunchbox Set + Cutlery Set
Design: koziol werksdesign
190 x 135 x 65 mm

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CANDY S is the leakproof container for dressings, sauces and honey, making it the ideal companion for salads or muesli to go. Ingredients are kept separate, making sure everything stays fresh and appetizing to be mixed together just before it’s time to eat.

CANDY S is therefore the perfect addition to all the larger lunchboxes from koziol.

7199 CANDY S liquid safe box
Design: koziol werksdesign
124 x 81 x 53 mm

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CRYSTAL L is happiest in the sun. The glossy diamond structure has a nice feel and insulates well, keeping cool drinks exactly that – cool.

CRYSTAL L fits nicely in your hand, is stackable and dishwasher-safe. The absolute wannahave for picnics and backyard parties. 

3544 CYSTAL L Cup
Design: koziol werksdesign
400 ml |  85 x 85 x 152 mm

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Round or square? CONNECT BOX is both. The basic square shape not only looks great, it is also easy to hold – even with wet hands.

The robust quality offers the bowl extra stability and its circular top can be closed very easily and tightly.

Everything stays fresh and crisp for a long time and can be easily transported. Its exceptional design and sturdy quality also make CONNECT BOX the perfect serving dish.

All bowls are stackable, resulting in a minimum use of space in the cabinet.

Available in 5 sizes.

CONNECT BOX Box with lid
Design: koziol werksdesign

700 ml | 162 x 158 x 65 mm

1 l    | 162 x 158 x 93 mm

1,3 l | 213 x 207 x 71 mm

2 l    | 213 x 207 x 105 mm

4 l    | 252 x 247 x 130 mm

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