Let's go outside!

Let's go outside!

Let’s get outside! But not without SUPERGLAS, of course. The glasses are made of unbreakable high-tech plastic and are therefore simply ideal for garden parties, children's birthday parties, camping, picnics and more. The glasses are particularly comfortable to hold and convince with their solid weight. The material insulates four times better than conventional glass, keeping drinks colder for longer. In addition, they are easy to transport and virtually unbreakable, leaving glass shards a thing of the past.

CLUB No. 4 + 9

With its luxurious drinking experience and lightweight feel, SUPERGLAS is the perfect companion for garden parties, picnics in the sun, and those romantic summer evenings…

The sparkling facetted design will not only allow your favorite wine to shine – it is also perfect for cocktails or aperitifs.

The timelessly beautiful shape is shown in its modern facetted cut and the material is also wonderfully stable, making the wine glass virtually unbreakable.

The glass is available in two sizes.

Thanks to ist large volume CLUB No. 4 is also the perfect glass for cocktails or aperitifs.

CLUB Wine Glass
Design: koziol werksdesign

3401 CLUB No. 4
350 ml | 85 x 85 x 205 mm

3416 CLUB No. 9
250 ml | 76 x 76 x 172 mm

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CLUB No. 14

Champagne glass CLUB No. 14 not only looks great, it also feels good in the hand and is practically unbreakable.

The super material survives tosses without scratches or shards, making this glass ideal for the backyard or pool, or anywhere where glass shards aren’t welcome.

An ideal accessory, especially for extended summer parties, because the material insulates 4x better than conventional glass and guarantees long-lasting sparkling delights. 

This glass can be washed in the dishwasher and reused for years to come!

3429 CLUB No. 14  Champagne Glass
Design: koziol werksdesign
150 ml | 66 x 66 x 202 mm

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CLUB No. 10+11

You can drink your beer of choice in style with this exclusive glass in a masculine facetted design. The tall, narrow glass with its wide mouth will allow you to experience the full range of aromas and flavors present in your brew.

The special high-tech material has an insulating effect, keeping your ale cool and refreshing for a longer time. The thick-bottomed base guarantees a secure footing, so no valuable suds are lost!

The koziol Superglas is almost indestructible in normal use, handily scratch-resistant, and can be perfectly cleaned in the dishwasher.

Available in two sizes.

CLUB Beer Glass
Design: koziol werksdesign

3417 CLUB No. 10
300 ml | 74 x 74 x 177 mm

3418 CLUB No. 11
500 ml | 85 x 85 x 216 mm

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CLUB No. 7

I shot the sheriff, but I did not shoot the bartender. This shot glass remains calm even when the club is not. The koziol Superglas is with normal use virtually unbreakable and always scratch-resistant. 

With CLUB No. 7, you can drink shots and shooters in style.

With two calibration marks at 2 cl + 4 cl.

3798 CLUB No. 7  Shot Glass
Design: koziol werksdesign
20 + 40 ml | 75 x 75 x 148 mm

images 300 dpi

CLUB No. 2

Iconic design stands the test of time. The large tumbler is a real classic and especially stable thanks to its large radius. What’s more, the material keeps drinks at their ideal temperature longer – insulating 4x better than traditional glass.

Keeping your cold drinks cooler longer, Superglas is also extremely long-lasting. It lasts and lasts, ready to impress future generations with its top quality.

3402 CLUB No. 2 Tumbler
Design: koziol werksdesign
250 ml | 92 x 92 x 87 mm / 250 ml

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CLUB tableware

The universal tableware for backyard parties, picnics or glamping – or for any outdoor occasion for that matter!

The outside has a lively facetted design, and its solid quality and wide stance are ideal for those who want to dine in style – even when outdoors.

CLUB Tableware
Design: koziol werksdesign

Design: koziol werksdesign
162 x 162 x 35 mm

5005 CLUB PLATE 260mm
Design: koziol werksdesign
260 x 260 x 18 mm

5006 CLUB PLATE 220mm
Design: koziol werksdesign
220 x 220 x 35 mm

images 300 dpi


Knife, fork, spoon. Finally, a no-nonsense to go cutlery set that’s just the right size. You’ll never have to balance food to your mouth again!

The three pieces are easy to take apart and snap back together without any guesswork – simply lift the knife at the blade and push down.

All pieces fit comfortably in the hand and are extremely lightweight, fitting into any kind of bag.

4003 KLIKK Cutlyer Set
Design: koziol werksdesign
320 x 235 x 240 mm

images 300 dpi


Light to go. This light accompanies you wherever illumination is needed. The integrated powerbank delivers up to 14 hours of light and can handily be charged with a USB cable. Ideal for places where you want to unplug like in the backyard, on the balcony, or while glamping.

Even your mobile phone can be charged, in an emergency! The light is dimmable in four levels – as atmospheric lighting for romantic summer evenings, as a reading light or a nightlight for children.

3799 LIGHT TO GO Light
Design: koziol werksdesign
180 x 180 x 280 mm

images 300 dpi