NEWS 2022

NEWS 2022

Inspire, be green, be happy. Introducing our newest products in the new bio-circular material with natural cellulose and in exciting new colors. Smart and beautiful design that makes our lives easier and our environment a little greener. The products are all made from our new BIO-CIRCULAR material.
The circular thermoplastics are obtained exclusively from disposed sunflower and rapeseed oil from industry and gastronomy. These oils are collected and converted in a special recycling process. This is the first time that these natural raw materials have been put to sensible further use, as previously they could only be thermally recycled. Moreover, no additional “new” resources are required. The new material is free of melamine, BPA and bamboo, naturally food-safe and fully recyclable. Everything is produced sustainably and with short transport routes in the Odenwald forest. Good design with a clear conscience.


For on the go. Store your portable cutlery set with KLIKK ETUI. The slim box takes up little space and transports your fork, knife, and spoon safely and cleanly from A to B. The box has a practical clip closure and can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher.  

7034 KLIKK ETUI Cutlery Case
Design: koziol werksdesign                                 
238 x 57 x 45 mm

images 300 dpi


The ideal plate for takeaway dishes. With SEPAREE, you can separate your main course and side dish in the most appetizing way! Thanks to its elegant design, even fine fish or meat dishes can be presented attractively.

The raised rim protects the contents well, yet the plate is flat enough for comfortable eating. SEPAREE is the beautifully designed addition to the CONNECT BOWL series and and comes with matching lid.

The plates are sturdy and stackable, and the refined shape allows water to drain easily during cleaning.

7278 SEPAREE Divider Plate
Design: koziol werksdesign
1,5 l | 252 x 252 x 54 mm

images 300 dpi


The compact and lightweight drinking bottle for hiking, travel, sports, and all other outdoor activities. BUDDY is wonderfully handy, extremely robust and, pleasantly light. The perfect companion for the entire day.

The bottle comes without a mouthpiece, instead with a pleasantly large opening. This is particularly practical for those wearing lipstick, allowing them to drink without leaving a trace. 

BUDDY can be completely disassembled and hygienically cleaned in the dishwasher.

The bottle can be refilled again and again, thus saving a lot of disposable bottles and keeping the environment happy.

7817 BUDDY DRINK Water Bottle
Design: koziol werksdesign
500 ml | 74 x 74 x 217 mm

images 300 dpi


ISO TO GO is made of brand new, revolutionary, biocircular material and is THE alternative to the controversial bamboo cups.

The innovative material not only looks great, but is made from bio-circular plastics and FSC-certified wood. The new material is of course food-safe and fully recyclable.

The double-walled mug keeps coffee at an enjoyable temperature for longer, is pleasantly lightweight and virtually unbreakable. Thanks to flexible rims, the lid fits like a glove on the mug and allows for comfortable drinking.

A special extra is the innovative lid closure. The tab reliably covers the drinking opening and air hole, so nothing can accidentally drip onto clothing while on the go.

Zero Waste starts right here, because ISO TO GO is robust and easy to clean, can be refilled many, many times and saves a lot of unnecessary paper cups.  

ISO TO GO is available in 22 different print motifs.

7001 ISO TO GO Thermo Mug
Design: koziol werksdesign
400 ml | 93 x 93 x 150 mm

images 300 dpi


The extra-deep insert makes BUDDY ISO an ingenious snack pot with great insulation. The clever double-walled design keeps salads, fruit, and other snacks fresh and at the right temperature for longer.

Thanks to its sealing ring, the container is absolutely leak-proof, making BUDDY ISO an indispensable companion for the day.

Homemade food on the go is more popular than ever as it is inexpensive, tastes better and makes the environment happy, saving a lot of disposable packaging.

7244 BUDDY ISO Snackpot with deep insert and lid
Design: koziol werksdesign
550 ml | 104 x 104 x 175 mm

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Looking for a healthy snack? Then PASCAL READY MINI is just the thing. Fruit, veggie sticks, and sandwiches can be appetizingly stored and transported in this handy lunch box set.

The system is well thought out, because the two small boxes can be nested in the large one. So, everything is neatly separated from each other, and food remains appetizing until it’s time to eat.

Also ideal for school and kindergarten.

7151 PASCAL READY MINI Lunchbox Set
Design: koziol werksdesign
151 x 108 x 60 mm

images 300 dpi


As we all know, the way to a person’s heart is through his or her stomach. Give your favorite dessert a touch of love with this bowl.

Also ideal as a peppy snack bowl for sweets, salty snacks, nuts, cookies and everything else your heart desires.

Thanks to its shock-resistant material, the bowl is equally well suited for indoors and outdoors and beautifies every table and backyard buffet.

7643 HERZ Bowl
Design: koziol werksdesign
1,5 l | 200 x 220 x 85 mm

images 300 dpi


EGGS TO GO is perfect for shopping at the farmers market. It safely transports up to six eggs, saving a lot of disposable packaging.

The carton has a practical clip closure for easy opening and closing and the shock-resistant material reliably prevents eggs from being damaged or crushed. 

The cartons can easily be stacked in the refrigerator, leaving valuable space for more groceries!

7186 EGGS TO GO MINI Egg Box
Design: koziol werksdesign                                 
170 x 120 x 72 mm
images 300 dpi


A spatial miracle. The narrow storage container takes up little space and at the same time scores with a surprisingly large volume.

The slim shape is easy to grip and with the airtight lid makes it suitable for storing pasta, rice, flour and everything that needs to be stored dry.

CONNECT OVAL STORAGE M comes in a transparent material, so you can see right away what's inside and don't have to search for long. The colored lids also help to differentiate.

CONNECT OVAL STORAGE is available in two sizes.

Design: koziol werksdesign

1,4 l |  178 x 113 x 136 mm

2,5 l |  178 x 113 x 212 mm

images 300 dpi


From flour, sugar, and pasta to cornflakes and nuts, CONNECT DRY STORAGE has room for everything that needs to be stored in an airtight and flavor-preserving manner.

The containers are transparent, so you can see right away what's inside and don't have to search for long. The colored lids also help to differentiate.

CONNECT DRY STORAGE is available in three sizes, all containers are stackable and can easily be combined with one another.

Design: koziol werksdesign

1 l |  125 x 125 x 130 mm

1,5 l |  125 x 125 x 184 mm

2 l |  125 x 125 x 250 mm

images 300 dpi