HI Collection

HI Collection

It looks as if Corona is here to stay – at least for now. That is why we have specially developed a small collection to help make it easier for us to comply with hygiene rules and get through this pandemic together.

HI Community Maske

HI is the safe and beautiful solution for covering the mouth and nose and is the environmentally-friendly alternative to disposable masks. This new technical development comes in the iconic koziol design and offers the wearer maximum comfort.

What makes this mask so special, is the ability to exchange the filter and wear the mask over and over. It is easy to clean by hand or in the dishwasher and, above all, quick to dry. The material is extremely light, flexible and smooth.

HI reduces the emission of particles from the wearer's breathing air to the environment and thus reduces the risk of infection for others. At the same time, it protects the wearer from careless touching of the lips, nose and face and thus against self-infection by the hands.

Note: HI is not an FFP breathing mask. It does not offer guaranteed protection against viruses. Washing your hands regularly and keeping a good distance is still the best protection.

HI Community Mask
Design: koziol werksdesign
112 x 64 x 165

images 300 dpi

information community mask (PDF)


Wearing a face mask is important, but it can become exhausting when wearing it for longer periods.

The gentle and all-natural peppermint oil HI AROMA offers quick relief and has a refreshing and easing effect. The oil is mildly concentrated and therefore extremely pleasant to use.

HI AROMA can be used universally for all masks. Simply place 1-2 drops on the fleece or the fabric, let it absorb briefly and then put on the mask as usual.

HI AROMA peppermint oil 2%
10 ml

images 300 dpi


HI LOOK covers the face over a large area and reduces the risk of droplet infection through speaking, coughing or sneezing. In addition, the shield prevents careless touching of the lips and nose and thus protects the wearer from self-infection by the hands.

The face shield can be adapted to any head shape thanks to the size-adjustable comfort holder. Due to its lightweight material, the face shield is very comfortable to wear and guarantees optimal freedom of movement.

The shield offers excellent transparency and facial expressions remain clearly visible. The shield is particularly suitable for people who wear glasses as they do not fog up.

HI LOOK face shield
Design: koziol werksdesign
230 x 220 x 310 mm

images 300 dpi


In our everyday lives we open doors, press buttons and switches, and use keypads at the bank or ticket machines.

All areas that are touched by many people inevitably transmit bacteria and viruses. With our new hygienic finger guard »HI SAFE TOUCH, direct contact with these surfaces can be avoided. Simply pull over your index finger as needed, and clean afterwards. 

The material is conductive, so you can also use your »HI SAFE TOUCH on touchscreens.

Attach the finger guard to your keychain to always have it close at hand.

HI SAFE TOUCH finger guard
Design: koziol werksdesign
20 x 80 x 16 mm

images 300 dpi