Brand Cooperations we love

Brand Cooperations we love

<b>HOHOHO</b> 100% Design

HOHOHO 100% Design

How do you make happy favorite customers out of scared clients? How do you make a success story out of a self-made gnashing of teeth campaign? How do you save a promotion stamp-saving scheme from becoming second-class or superficial?

With first-class promotion products that stand out from the crowd like a golden idea. These ideas come from the Odenwald. From the best designers of the world. At prices at which a creative solution can be guaranteed for every budget.

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Promotional Gift Award 2017

koziol wins prestigious prize for customized design products for the fifth time.

The Promotional Gift Award 2017 in the category Custom Products is being awarded to koziol for products made for the brand Bonduelle: a set of four cutting boards for a nationwide advertising campaign in Germany.  

The company wanted eye-catching giveaways for a campaign slated to run throughout Germany. It envisaged a powerful co-branding project offering premium-level communication with Bonduelle customers and an exclusive koziol product. The upshot: four compact cutting boards featuring saucy mottos and matching motifs: Knallerbse (Snowberry), Goldstueck (Piece of Gold), Glueckspilz (Lucky Mushroom) and Flotte Karotte (Cute Carrot). The mottos are set into the cutting boards, turning them into unique design objects with tactile, 3D messages.

Over the course of time, koziol has made a name for itself in the promotional item industry as a specialist for unusual product solutions. Tactile advertising is becoming increasingly important, and growing numbers of companies are seeking individualized merchandising products. koziol not only possesses the know-how and its own factories, but also delivers the product safety and quality benefits associated with goods made exclusively in Germany.  

The Promotional Gift Award honors products from the incentives industry that deliver the highest standards in terms of modernity and impact. Since 2003, the prize has been awarded annually in a total of seven categories by the publisher WA Verlag of Cologne.

The design company koziol develops and manufactures all of its products inside Germany – and not only for its own brand. Since its establishment in 1927, it has regularly created exclusive products commissioned by customers. To this end koziol offers a full-service solution that extends from conception, design, mold construction and production through to graphic design and printing: a one-stop shop that creates custom articles from start to finish. With its wealth of experience and localized facilities, koziol can guarantee fast and professional processing – even for specialized and sophisticated projects.