koziol has been manufacturing products since its founding in 1927 exclusively in Erbach/Odenwald in Germany. Design, development, construction, mold making, manufacturing, shipping and administration all under one roof.

koziol and its philosophy of manufacturing exclusively in Germany represent a responsible, future-oriented corporate strategy and design with a good conscience. Made in Germany was and remains an essential part of koziol’s successful philosophy.

koziol has been producing exclusively with green energy since January 1, 2013, saving around 1,276 tonnes of CO² annually. German raw material suppliers are preferred and manufacturing under one roof rule out long transport routes. For the logistics of finished goods, koziol cooperates with a worldwide partner company who shares its strict sustainability principles.


Is it possible to buy plastic today with a good conscience?
It is.
You even have to, if you want to be live responsibly and happily.
Plastic is the modern material. It has undeniably made our lives easier, more democratic and more hygienic. Without plastic there would be no cars, no airplanes, no mobile phones, no computers, no modern medicine, no prosthetics, no pacemakers, no intensive care units, no science… plastic is the material of the 21st century.
Worldwide, there is no material that is just good or just bad and certainly not just sustainable. Even natural materials aren’t always the best choice – just think: monoculture, pesticides, high water consumption.
With each new product development, the most sustainable material for the use of this product has to be chosen and utilized economically. It’s about time to rethink, show more appreciation and a more differentiated consideration to different materials.
Because not all plastics are alike.


Plastic is too valuable to just throw out. This is why koziol manufactures long-lasting and genius products, for which no other material would be suited. Good design with a clear conscience.

It is of course no surprise that on many occasions koziol has received scores of “very good” from the German consumer magazine ÖKOTEST.
koziol focuses exclusively on thermoplastics, which are 100% recyclable.

Thermoplastics are the most environmentally friendly materials on the market. Not only are they food- and dishwasher-safe, production is also done without any harmful additives like formaldehyde or softeners. In the production process of thermoplastics, 90% less energy is used compared to the production of glass, ceramics or aluminum.

koziol ORGANIC Collection

The organic collection with cellulose: 100% pure material, 100% recyclable, extremely long-lasting, food- and dishwasher-safe, and without any harmful substances.
This new material is composed of cellulose fibers and thermoplastics. Unlike so-called “bioplastics” like bamboo, the material is pure – not a compound – and can be 100% recycled.
The products are food- and dishwasher-safe (up to 100°C), BPA free, and absolutely hygienic in use. All products are guaranteed free of MF (melamine-formaldehyde), both in the production process and during use.


Resource conservation is also considered in the design phase: Construction in one-piece, optimized wall thickness, and short cycle times allow for efficient and energy-saving manufacturing.
koziol never makes one-time use products, but rather companions for life. koziol products are robust, lightweight, unbreakable, ergonomic, and suitable especially for children and seniors thanks to their easy handling. Thermoplastics are virtually unbreakable and lightweight, demonstrating a huge advantage over materials like ceramics, glass or metal!
Already in the design phase, great attention is being paid to sustainability – focus lies on the longevity of the products. And not only because of their unique combination of function and emotion, products made from thermoplastics are used year after year, thus proving their ecological advantage.


No man is an island in today's world. That's why koziol energetically supports local communities and regions.

For over 15 years, the company has been funding a grant at the Odenwald Music Academy, enabling talented students to live and learn for a whole academic year.

koziol is also active in the fields of art and arts sponsorship, and supports club activities and projects in schools and kindergartens.